Houses of Literature – Rooms for arts in reading

A House of Literature is a Room for Arts in Reading, an enjoyable place full of storytelling activities that activate all the senses – inspiring, surprising, empowering children and young people.

This is the story about building eight different Houses of Literature in central Sweden. It all started with a field study in Germany. Inspired by the ideas of LesArt, a House of Literature for young people in Berlin, the county libraries of central Sweden initiated a large-scale reading promotion project called Arts in Reading, with the ambition to implement the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Swedish Arts Council funded part of the costs and children’s librarians from nine counties participated in a two-year educational programme from 2007–2009. As a result of the project, a variety of Houses of Literature or Rooms for Arts in Reading are now being created.
The Houses of Literature are all based on the same ideas but they come in different shapes and forms; virtual, physical, mobile as well as in the forms of networks and festivals. The common goal for all the Houses of Literature is to inspire and empower children and young people and to fuel their passion for stories.

Detta är en presentation på engelska av litteraturhusen från projekt Läskonster, slutrapport 2. Redaktörer Ann Catrine Eriksson och Tinne Wennerholm. Läs rapporten på svenska, Litteraturhus – rum för läskonster.